Blesk Elite Leotard, Model: 1346 (Two Colors)


  • Exclusive, Top Quality rhythmic gymnastics competition leotard! 
  • The leotards manufactured by Blesk are worn by the top gymnasts at the Olympic Games and World Championships!
  • Hand-made in Europe from the best Italian Lycras/Guipures (Laces)/Velvet fabrics and German/Italian/Japanese paints!
  • Every leotard is custom made to your specifications. 
  • Each leotard comes with 100 original SWAROVSKY Rhinestones SS16 (4mm). 
  • The rhinestones are going to be applied by professional rhinestone setters!  For the recommended number of the rhinestones on the leotard please refer to the table.
  • Measure yourself according to the measurement guide and email your measurements to us.  Any questions – we can help and guide you.
  • Allow up to 6 weeks for the manufacturing of the leotard.