Pastorelli Open Joint String (Ribbon joint); 1 pc.


One of the hottest items in RG world, used by top level Rhythmic Gymnasts!

  • Open Joint String (Ribbon Joint)
  • Manufacturer: Pastorelli
  • Colors: White
  • Size: Less than 70mm
  • Material: Tangled Non-Abrasive Cord
  • Tear and Wear Resistant (High Tenacity, Dimensional Stability, and Abrasion Resistance)
  • Imported from Italy
  • According to F.I.G. regulation the distance between the stick and the ribbon (until the vertical seam) cannot be more than 70mm
  • Follow these instructions to assemble your cord:
    • Pass the cord through the ribbon and the stick hole (PIC. 1)
    • Put the two ends of the cord together so that they are parallel to each other (PIC.2)
    • Make a simple noose knot (PIC. 3)
    • Tighten the knot firmly (PIC. 4)
    • Cut both ends of the cord leaving 2 cm of border.(PIC. 5)